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ETI can fully integrate the following systems into your existing communications infrastructure:

Emergency Patient Tracking Systems
These mobile solutions include self-powered, case-supporting wireless handheld scanners; a wireless access point; and a laptop designed to empower first responders to triage and track emergency victims. This portable case can operate off of 12 DC (car power), 110/120AC or via a self-contained battery. Battery life exceeds eight hours.

Portable Video Surveillance Systems
ETI offers fully self-contained video surveillance systems designed for rapid and efficient deployment by police departments and SWAT teams. These systems can either be self-powered or AC-powered when longer deployments are required. The ETI portable video surveillance system can be designed for wired and/or wireless operation and allow for non-line of sight deployment, which greatly enhances the level of security for law enforcement officers.

GPS Tracking Systems
These Ethernet / IP-based GPS Tracking systems leverage wireless infrastructures to provide cities and other municipalities with tracking information about their vehicles. In addition to tracking information, the technology provides for custom inputs such as plow status, sweeper status, pothole location, light outage location and more. With the use of the ETI GPS Tracking System, municipalities can reduce their liability related to maintenance operations and make more effective use of their resources.

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